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Marken: Kreeda, LEGO, Jada, Mattel, style3, Aoshima, UHU, Hot Wheels id, MPC, ELEGOO, Celebrity Machines, Hot Wheels

Produktgruppen: TV Series Episode Video on Demand, Mobile Application, Video Games, Toy, Apparel, Home Improvement, Computer & Zubehör, Automotive Parts and Accessories

Produktarten: Prime Video, App, Videospiel, Zubehör, Spielzeug, Textilien, Werkzeug, Elektronik, Haushaltswaren

Features: Initiate a voice call - say "call" followed by the name as given in the contact list (will skip if more than 10 matches are found for the given name),Reply to SMS or Send a SMS message - to send a sms say "send message to" followed by the name as given in the contact list, Set a reminder - "set reminder" or "remind me to " followed by the reminder, Customized voice commands -To add a voice command: "Add voice command" or "Add voice command" followed by the voice command (use this command to override / modify an existing command as well),To remove a voice command: "Remove voice command", Supports up to 4 languages - English, French(beta),Italian(beta) and German(beta). The application will detect the selected language of the default TTS and follows the same. For optimal results with this application, make sure you have set the correct Voice recognition language as well as the correct language for the text to speech engine. (Check under settings -> voice input and output),Customized commands - New menu option to set the customized commands as well as contacts. If you are having trouble with any of the commands, use the customized commands to help kitt understand what you say better.