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Marken:Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Jeans, s.Oliver, B&C, Youtfit Inc, Gerth Medien; Gerth Medien Gmbh, Morbuy, Abercrombie & Fitch First, CASPAR Fashion, DOTBUY, TianWlio, Adisaer,

Produktgruppen: eBooks, Apparel, MP3-Alben, Mobile Application, DVD & Blu-ray, Beauty, Jewelry

Produktarten: Kindle Edition, Textilien, MP3-Download, App, DVD, Badartikel, Schmuck

Features: -Feed- You can see the chic outfit photo which is posted by the user you follow.Let's make your own chic feed^^, -Category- You can see chic outfit photo from new photo to "Cute", "Sexy","Cool","Elegant","Unique" category popular photo which is made by all users reactions! Also, you can see popular looks by search which use popular brand like "Zara","H&M","Forever21","TOPSHOP" and so on., -Share- Let's share your chic outfit photo!, -News- You can receive the news when you are followed by other users or you get comment or reactions to your outfit photo. Let's share your fashion photo., -Setting- You can edit your profile and "My Album" which can save your favorite outfit photo.You can see chic fashion photo and know brand which is used in fashion photo., if you swipe, you can see the menu to share facebook or twitter and save the photo in My Album and delete your own photo.