Tentsile Vista, Zelt, mehrfarbig

Tentsile Vista, Zelt, mehrfarbig


The Tentsile Vista is a 3 person tree tent or "portable treehouse" with a completely removable top so you can fully immerse the world around you. The fly sheet roof comes with its own poles and detachable full insect mesh for maximum ventilation and unbeatable views. The Vista floor is a spacious triple hammock (the Trillium),and has the same size footprint as our Stingray model and can also be accessed via a floor hatch in the centre of the floor or any of the sides. It can be suspended above any ground conditions using three healthy trees. The rainfly roof stays up and away from the floor extending outwards and creating a large 110sqf / 10sqm of covered porch area beneath the tent. The corners can be pegged outward to increase rain protection. The insect mesh also creates a dry shelf for storage of personal belongings or wet items that need drying out. Spare floors can be purchased that allow the Vista tree tent to become a multi-story camping solution, able to sleep 9 adults or more! Simply add Trilliums (not included) to create extra levels beneath the tent like a super-large multi storey bunk bed. This way, you can have three people in the tent above and three people on each level below! You can have an enormous amount of living space over 2, 3 or 4 levels. Note: The Vista roof cannot be fully sealed and is therefore not suitable for extreme weather or very heavy rain


Marke: Tentsile
Farbe: Mehrfarbig - Mehrfarbig
Ean Nummer: 0635346843563
Model: VDG
Produktart: Ausrüstung
Produktgruppe: Sports
Abteilung: Unisex

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