SUCK UK Untersetzer „Cocktail-Rezept“

SUCK UK Untersetzer „Cocktail-Rezept“


30 Drinks mats with cocktail recipes and game. A simple guide to making cocktails. Some require more skill and ingredients than others, and some are way more cool.

The recipe cards double as a drinking game, or trumps style card game based on the vital statistics of each cocktail. Pit your wits against your mates by selecting only the classiest, difficult to make and most alcoholic cocktails – win cards by mixing the drink with the best rating compared to your buddies; the winner is the one left holding all the cards.

Alcohol, that brilliant lubricator of society. It makes you more confident, It makes you lose your inhibitions, it makes you think karaoke is a good idea. You want everyone to have fun, but let's make it fun within the pre-designated limits, you want everyone using coasters! And if you have to use them, you might as well make them part of the party, choose Cocktail Challenge Drink mats.


Marke: Suck UK
Ean Nummer: 5060043062651
Produktart: Haushaltswaren
Produktgruppe: Home
  • Cocktail-Spiel Untersetzer
  • Mit Cocktail-Challenge Trumpfspiel
  • Verschiedene Rezepte auf jedem Untersetzer!
  • Toll für Parties und Dinnerparties
  • 30 Untersetzer
  • Packung mit 30 Untersetzern aus Papier;Jeder Untersetzer ist mit einem anderen Cocktail-Rezept bedruckt;Unterhaltsames Spiel Cocktail-Quartett;Perfekt für Dinner-Partys und Veranstaltungen!;Bierdeckel in Standardgröße - 9,2 cm x 9,2 cm

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