SUCK UK Chums Schreibtisch-Butler, blau

SUCK UK Chums Schreibtisch-Butler, blau


Vinyl toys are traditionally cool, but functionless characters, collected and displayed but never used ? this seems like a waste of creativity to us, so we've taken our favourite hungry shark figure, given him a vibrant paintjob and re-sized him to be perfect for swallowing your pencils, toothpicks, toothbrush, Wacom stylus and much more? finally an excuse to keep toys on your desk.


Marke: Suck UK
Farbe: blau
Ean Nummer: 5060043062408
Produktart: Bürobedarf & Schreibwaren
Produktgruppe: Office Product
  • Chums Schreibtischbutler
  • Hungriger Hai Schreibtischspielzeug
  • Ideal für Büro oder Schreibtisch
  • Für Zahnbürsten

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