Strato Chess by John N. Hansen

Strato Chess by John N. Hansen


Take your game to the next level with three dimensional chess!

Strato Chess offers a challenge not to be found in the traditional game of chess. Here, you play in three dimensions instead of two. Under these circumstances, each player must think of the game in terms of left and right, forward and back, as well as up and down, as though the men on the field of play are suspended along three planes of space. Players risk being taken from above and below as well as from the traditional two dimensions.

Strato Chess is three times the challenge of standard chess and is a game where your powers of concentration can be put to a real test. Plot your strategy on this handsome 12" high, 3-level playing field.

Professionally designed in brushed aluminum with black and crystal clear polished playing boards. This futuristic tri-level chess game makes a striking and unique decorative piece.

Complete with simple assembly instructions, 32 handsome, plastic chess pieces with a 2 and 1/2" King. A full set of instructions are included

Contains small parts. Unsuitable for children younger than 4 years old.

Approx. dimensions: Box: 37 x 28 x x7cm. Each board 20.5cm square. Overall height without pieces: 26cm

Product Ref.: 00HR27


Marke: Hansen
Farbe: One Colour
Ean Nummer: 0787799937549
Model: 529
Produktart: Spielzeug
Produktgruppe: Toy
  • Take your chess game to the next level with three dimensional chess
  • Three times the challenge of traditional chess - put your powers of concentration to the test
  • Smartly designed and undeniably unique - sure to ignite anyone's curiosity
  • Full set of instructions are included
  • 2 and half inch King - 32 felted plastic chess pieces included

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