NostalgiaProductsGroup MDF-200 Automatic Mini Donut Facotry

NostalgiaProductsGroup MDF-200 Automatic Mini Donut Facotry


Makes up to 30 donuts per batch;Dough dispensing mechanism creates the perfect sized mini donut;Stainless steel spatulas turn and delivers donuts to the dispensing chute;Includes drip tray to change oil after each use;Safety guard lids keeps hands away from hot oil;Automatic dough dispenser creates perfect orbital donuts;Conveyor pulls donut dough through heated oil;Flipping mechanism automatically flips donut for even cooking;Easy-view window to watch donuts cook;Finished donuts are dispensed from the donut slide into a convenient bin;Includes measuring cup, doughnut bin and magnetic safety power cord;Easy to clean drainage pan;BPA free


Marke: Nostalgia
Ean Nummer: 0082677134004
Model: MDF200
Produktart: Haushaltswaren
Produktgruppe: Home
  • Nostalgia MDF200 Automatic Mini Donut Factory
  • Small
  • White

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