Doggles ILS Hunde-Sonnenbrille, verchromt)

Doggles ILS Hunde-Sonnenbrille, verchromt)


Originalz - the style that started it all. Soft elastic adjustable head and chin strap. Padded and flexible rubber frame. 100% UV protection. Anti-fog. Shatterproof. '...because your best friend is worth it!' Important: When sizing your dog for Doggles, it is necessary to measure your dog's head, because body proportions vary greatly. For instance, a 33 pound dog, with a petite face, may still require the small size Doggle, even though 33 pounds is considered a medium size dog. Extra Small ' typically for dogs 1 - 10 lbs / Back strap and frame length - 5 - 13 inches / Chin strap - 3 - 7 inches Extra Small Breed example: Chihuahua, Pom Small - typically for dogs 9 - 25 lbs / Back strap and frame length - 12 - 20 inches / Chin strap - 4 - 8 inches Small Breed example: Beagle, Westie Medium - typically for dogs 20 - 60 lbs / Back strap and frame length - 15 - 25 inches / Chin strap - 5 - 11 inches Medium Breed example: Dalmation, Border Collie Large - typically for dogs 50 - 100 lbs / Back strap and frame length - 18 - 30 inches / Chin strap - 6 - 15 inches Large Breed example: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever Extra Large - typically for dogs 100+ lbs / Back strap and frame length - 22 - 45 inches / Chin strap - 11 - 26 inches Extra Large Breed example: Large Rottweiler, St. Bernard


Marke: Doggles
Farbe: Chrome Frame / Smoke Len
Ean Nummer: 0634252123998
Model: DGILXS16
Produktart: Misc.
Produktgruppe: CE
  • Protects dog's eyes from foreign objects, wind, and UV light
  • Made from rugged, high-quality materials, Doggles combine function and fashion. Protect dogs eyes while adding a sporty look to any canine.
  • Sizing Information: To determine proper back strap and frame length, measure the entire head circumference across the eyes and around under the ears. To determine proper chin strap length, start measurement just under one ear, go under the chin and back up to under the other ear.
  • Shatterproof (polycarbonate) & Anti Fog lens
  • Adjustable elastic head and chin straps

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