BOOMBOTIX BB2 Ultra Tragbare Wireless Bluetooth Lautsprecher – parent ASIN

BOOMBOTIX BB2 Ultra Tragbare Wireless Bluetooth Lautsprecher – parent ASIN


BOOMBOT2 The BOOMBOT2 by BOOMBOTIX fuses Japanese urban design with mobile audio in to create the first ultraportable wireless speaker. The BOOMBOT2 connects via Bluetooth to stream high fidelity audio from your audio device. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, and ruggedized shell to withstand the abuse of your lifestyle, guaranteed. BOOMBOT, the biggest sound in the smallest package. More BOOM in a compact BOT: BOOMBOT. It's the best little speaker for your smartphone, music player, tablet, or laptop. One device brings all of your favourite audio to life--music, podcasts, video, apps, games, and more. Take BOOMBOT with you wherever you want audio?travel the world, roam the street, or enjoy in the comfort of your home. Untether yourself from the constraints of component stereos, dedicated speakers, cables, and docking stations. BOOMBOT industrial design solves all of your mobile audio needs one small package that sounds much bigger than it is. Experience high fidelity sound in the palm of your hand with a mini speaker that incorporates revolutionary acoustic design. Use BOOMBOT as a portable speakerphone to amplify video conferencing. Adopt a BOOMBOT and give your life a soundtrack. Powerful driver and Bluetooth compatible.


Marke: Boombotix
Farbe: PURPLEX Purple
Ean Nummer: 0740886000007
Model: BB2-GRY
Produktart: Elektronik
Produktgruppe: Speakers
Abteilung: Unisex - Erwachsene

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