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Features: Farabi anchor is a fighter's delight and the trainers dream. Whether it's a beginner or a pro every single individual need rhythm focus and speed to win the fights., Farabi anchor bag is engineered to incorporate all the aspect that is needed to develop focus, rhythm and gaining speed. This anchor bag is especially designed for Mma, kick boxing and gym training and is Ideal for attaching bags and floor to ceiling balls to., It comes Unfilled can be filled with sand and is fashioned with zip-fastened closure. This bag ensures the correct body mechanics and position for the punching and defense., The quick reflection of the bag allows the trainee to build good vision and help prepare for the punches of the opponent., It can help building best jabbing and punching coordination and in maximum swing reduction without having to drill holes in the floor. It is best for boxing Mma, Muay Thai, fitness, training, punching, martial arts and kickboxing