Mad Catz R.A.T.M Wireless Mobile Gaming Maus für PC, Mac und mobile Endgeräte - Matt schwarz

Mad Catz R.A.T.M Wireless Mobile Gaming Maus für PC, Mac und mobile Endgeräte - Matt schwarz


Sleek, versatile, and decidedly next-gen, Mad Catz' R.A.T. M Wireless Mobile Gaming Mouse gives you the performance you would expect from a R.A.T. and combines it with the portability of a notebook mouse. Featuring the latest Bluetooth technology - as well as a nano dongle for devices lacking Bluetooth connectivity - the R.A.T. M is just as comfortable at home as it is in the office. With programmable action buttons and an intuitive drag-and-drop software interface for button customization, this is the premiere mouse for the gamer on-the-go. Bluetooth Smart, featuring Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE),is a power-efficient version of Bluetooth wireless technology, already integrated into many modern computing devices. When paired with a Bluetooth Smart-compatible device, setup for the R.A.T. M is ultra-quick and very easy. Seamlessly connect to PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones and laptops in a matter of minutes. No Bluetooth in your device? No problem! Just use the included USB nano dongle - which is conveniently stored within the underside of the R.A.T. M - and get connected. Its minute size won't add any bulk to your device, and it's nearly invisible once installed. Thanks to integrated Bluetooth Smart technology and a power-efficient, 'twin-eye' sensor, the R.A.T. M is a champion of power conservation. The included AAA batteries provide up to one year's worth of energy, more than twice that of the previous generation of Bluetooth mice.

  •     GameSmart Multi-platform Compatible via Bluetooth Smart Technology
  •     USB Nano Dongle for Devices without Bluetooth
  •     Up to 1 Year of Use from 2 AAA Batteries
  •     Powerful GameSmart Technology
  •     Perfect Your Grip
  •     True 6400 DPI Laser Sensor with 2 Custom Settings
  •     Unique 5D Button


Marke: Mad Catz
Farbe: Matt schwarz
Ean Nummer: 0611101193807
Model: MCB437100002/04/1
Produktart: Personal Computers
Produktgruppe: Computer & Zubehör
  • Farbe:Mattschwarz
  • Gerätetyp:Maus
  • Kabelloser Empfänger:Bluetooth 4.0 USB-Adapter

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